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The Bungalow

Image by Olena Sergienko

Our Vision

Who we are

The Bungalow is an open-minded and welcoming space dedicated to providing modern, holistic mental health care in sunny St. Pete.

We believe that mental health is primary care and a core component of a healthy, thriving community. We therefore designed a creative and innovative space that empowers providers to collaborate, connect and feel aligned in their work, which we believe then ensures high impact and high quality care for community members seeking support.

We believe in collaboration, not competition, and we are passionate about building a community of like-minded mental health professionals that inspire and support each other in their work.

The Founders

The Space

The Bungalow


  • High speed internet

  • Dedicated (Large) Group Room for Workshops and Group Therapy

  • Modern offices with windows

  • ADA access

  • No elevators

  • Prime location

  • Kitchen for staff only

  • Water Service

  • Self-Care station provided in lobby (Coffee/tea/snacks)

  • 24/7 access to building

  • ​Safe and secure building

  • Dedicated Storage Room

  • Website Listing (Online Exposure)

  • Printer / Copier access

  • Professional Office Cleaning

  • Dedicated Waiting Room

  • Dedicated unisex staff bathroom

  • Unisex bathroom for staff and clients

  • Co-working space / break room for members

Image by Ron McClenny
Image by Hutomo Abrianto

The Vibe

We designed this space specifically with the mental health provider in mind.


The Bungalow is therefore a bright, clean, modern space that reflect the high quality services provided and the professional staff that work in the building. Crisp white walls provide a positive backdrop to the lush dark blues and greens in the waiting room. Brown leather furniture exudes comfort and sophistication and the myriad of plants throughout the space are designed to reflect the connection to nature and the holistic energy that is integral to true emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Join Us Now And Be Part Of The Momentum ! 


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