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A welcoming co-working space dedicated to providing modern, holistic mental health care in St. Pete.



Our Mission

The Bungalow is an open-minded and welcoming space dedicated to providing modern, holistic mental health care in sunny St. Pete. We believe that mental health is primary care and a core component of a healthy, thriving community. We therefore designed a creative and innovative space that empowers providers to collaborate, connect and feel aligned in their work, which we believe then ensures high impact and high quality care for community members seeking support.

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We believe in collaboration, not competition, and we are passionate about building a community of like-minded mental health professionals that inspire and support each other in their work.

Our Core Values

About us

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Are you feeling a bit isolated in your solo practice? Maybe you are just starting out and need some support. We understand the difficulties of building a business - and know the importance of having a community. You don't have to do this alone! We are better together! The Bungalow Community Membership option is dedicated to practitioners that are craving community, connection and collaboration - we have lots of events that will keep you feel more connected with your mental health colleagues.

Casual Meeting
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Bungalow Renters

This is for therapists / mental health providers that are just starting a practice or have an established practice and want a space to rent that is designed specifically for therapy. You want guaranteed days and times per week, every week, so that you can maintain a consistent schedule for your clients. You also get a Dedicated Mailbox AND Community Membership included in your monthly rent (Month-to-month leases only, no long-term contracts because we want to keep it super simple and easy)!

Find a Counselor

Not a counselor but looking for a high quality, modern mental health care in St. Pete? We can help you! We are the go-to resource for anyone needing support. All are welcome to the space.


Membership Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Join Us Now And Be Part Of The Momentum ! 


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